Come out of the Closet

Of Course Fashion and Furnishings Trend Together

Colors and patterns and textures, oh my! Enough to scare even Dorothy from committing to a new sofa, a mod chair or a bold wallpaper.  But these are not lions and tigers and bears.  Fashions and home furnishings are both a reflection of our personality as well as a representation of our lifestyle.  They should be a window to our emotions, memories and aspirations.  They trend together and therefore go hand in hand.


Fashion and Furnishings Side by Side.

With the new upscale Mall at University Town Center opening this week in Sarasota,  I am able to witness first hand a venue that showcases fashion and furnishings side by side.  I stopped to ask myself why do fashion and furnishings trend together?  Many designers including Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Vera Wang have successfully expanded their fashion brands to the world of home furnishings.  Let’s follow their lead and have our living rooms reflect our closets!


Fall Season Overlap of Trends

Is it no wonder why fashion and furniture trend together?  Personal style, what we wear include our wardrobe and style choices.  Why not have them transcend into our interior design selections?  I ask you to look in the mirror and ask yourself.  “Am I a Tory Burch geometric flat or a Jimmy Choo strappy stiletto?”  Better yet, ask yourself which one you want to be!

I cannot believe the Fall 2014 overlap of trends right here in our own mall.  We, as consumers,  have a much easier time committing to a  green velvet handbag than to a tufted green velvet chair.  Ironically, Scarlett o’hara took her home furnishings into the closet resulting in a showstopper green velvet gown made from the living room curtains.  I cannot tell you how often I surround  a client in colors and patterns she already wears.


History Repeats Itself

A throwback to the Color Me Beautiful of the eighties sheds light on the discussion.  This still holds true that we  look our best in certain colors, textures and patterns.  How often have you heard someone say, “You look amazing in aqua blue?” Go ahead and take that next step.  Your home décor selections should follow this lead.  We should surround ourselves in what naturally compliments us.  When we open the door we want to look our absolute best!


Still Afraid?

Start by painting the foyer “your color”  and then move on to patterned throw pillows, chevron upholstery, and ikat wallpaper.  Remember, where there is fear there is no creativity.  So take a deep breath, drown out the naysayer neighbors and plunge in with both feet!  Once you do, you will never look at design the same way.  If we do not design our own homes for ourselves than why should we decorate at all?

It is somewhat of a metamorphosis once I surround a client with the colors, patterns and textures that they have already embraced  for years in their closets.  Believe it or not, they tell me that they finally feel sexy in their newly transformed spaces.   Like a great pair of Louboutin’s their home finally fits!

Which came first? The woolly mammoth sarong or the woolly mammoth rug?  Who knows? All I know is that fashion and furnishings have always trended together. . . So, checkout the new designer duds before committing to that swanky new sofa. It is easy. . .just. . .



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